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8. Live Streaming:

Live streaming broadcasts live video straight to your viewers on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or on your own website.

When and where to use Live Streaming videos:

This one’s all about social media. Live streaming is excellent when you want to bring your audience into a current and intimate experience. If you’re covering an event and you want an instant interaction from your audience, live streaming is the way to go. Keep in mind, build your audience first because this technique works best when you already have a following.

9. Photo Montage:

Photo Montages or slideshows combine photos with music and voiceover to tell a story and usually conjure up deep emotions. These are great to recap events, especially milestones like anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays.

When and where to use Photo Montage videos:

Social media posts, welcome videos, and “about me” videos are great places for Photo Montages because they all offer an opportunity to show off some emotional content. Tapping into your prospect’s positive emotions is the first step toward getting conversions.

How to choose a video style:

Now that you know what different styles of video are out there, ask yourself these questions to decide which one is right for you.

What do I want to do?

Start by asking yourself: what is the intended outcome of my video? Of course, there are no hard and fast rules, but certain styles tend to fit better than others.

Want to build an audience by entertaining people? Consider Animation. Need to teach prospects how to do something? Check out Whiteboard video. Want to talk directly to your customers? Take a look at Live- Action.

Who am I talking to? And what am I talking about?

Having a laugh with your buddy at the bar requires a different approach than asking your boss for a raise in her office. Bars call for loud gestures, big laughs, and lots of energy. The office, on the other hand, is not the place.

Know your audience and it’ll be easier to narrow down the voice and tone in which to communicate to them. This makes it easier to decide between a more traditional style (like Live-Action or a Photo Montage) or something a little more dynamic (like Animation or Motion Graphics).

How much can I spend?

Great videos can be created at any budget, but certain types of videos are typically more expensive than others.

For example, Live- Action can get pricey if you have lots of actors and locations. Animation and Motion Graphics both require graphic designers and animators. In general, everything gets more expensive the more complicated it becomes, so think of ways to simplify your idea while still communicating your message.

DIY solutions are options, also. Like using a smartphone instead of a professional camera or drawing something yourself rather than hiring artists. Anything is possible, but don’t forget about the quality. 

What works with my brand?

If your brand was a sports team, then your marketing efforts would be all your players. And as a potential player, your video strategy needs to fit in. Pick a video style like you’d pick a player and maintain the authenticity of your brand.

If you’ve got a kid-friendly brand with a mascot, but market with Live-Action video, your audience might not get it. Or vice versa, if you’re a real, “in the world” company, but release a bunch of Whiteboard videos, folks might not pay attention.

Tune-up your branding with the right style of video:

Now that you know the nine styles of video for marketing and when to use them, you can hit all the right notes with the crowd. Find a style that works for you, and brainstorm a great idea with your team. Whatever type you choose, make sure you stay true to your brand identity and strive for the best possible quality and you’ll be on the right track to reap all the benefits of video marketing.

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